3 (of 9) Proven Shipping Tips

a2b President, Ayal Latz was featured in a recent article by UPS Compass covering the “9 proven shipping tips from successful businesses.” Within the article, business owners share invaluable tips for saving time and cementing customer relationships.

Below is an excerpt from the article highlighting Latz:

Founder and President Ayal Latz couldn’t get the kind of fulfillment service his small family toy company needed. So, 14 years ago, he set up a2b Fulfillment as an offshoot to his toy business. Since then, his Georgia-based operation has expanded to serve all kinds of companies needing either direct-to-consumer or retail distribution, both in the United States and Internationally. His secrets:

  • Turn up the dial. “The faster you get your product to the customer, the lower your overall costs, and the higher your customer satisfaction,” Latz says. Use technology to capture orders quickly and get products picked, packed and shipped the same day. “Then you can ship using low-cost solutions, like ground versus two-day air.”
  • Boost warehouse efficiency. Rank products based on their order volume and sales forecasts. Position fast movers nearest to the packing station to save back-and-forth time. “You can ship more oders faster, with fewer resources.”
  • Consider kitting or assembly. Watch for patterns. If you often ship the same items together, assemble them in advance. Then when it’s time to ship the assortment, you’re picking one item instead of all the individual components.

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