a2b Announces relationship with kigo footwear


October 2, 2012

a2b Fulfillment, a third-party logistics provider with a specialty in value-added services, announces a relationship with kigo footwear (http://www.kigofootwear.com). a2b now provides outsourced support for inventory management and fulfillment,for the kigo footwear line of minimalist footwear.

kigo’s decision to outsource the fulfillment function follows a classic start-up evolution. As the company grew, fulfillment became more complicated. Shipping started with just online sales – business to consumer, then expanded to include retail orders – business to business, both domestic and international. The logistics become complicated, and kigo management recognized that their expertise lay elsewhere. And they feared that their focus would shift from product development and customer service.

“kigo is a rapidly growing company with a unique product line. As we have gained attention and traction in industry, we realized that our expertise is as specialists in footwear and biomechanics. Our growth has forced us to decide which tasks are the most important for us to do, and which tasks need to supported by competent outside partners,” states Kristin Serrano, Chief Operating Officer at kigo. “It was hard for us to let go, but we found a perfect partner in a2b Fulfillment. a2b was willing to work with us, even though we were relatively small.”

“By partnering with a2b Fulfillment, we streamline our operation, allowing us to focus on product development, marketing and our customer. We benefit because a2b Fulfillment has the experience, skills and trained labor to perform the receiving, storage, kitting, assembly, rework and reverse logistics tasks that are needed,” says Rachelle Kuramoto, Chief Marketing Officer.

kigo footwear has been working with a2b Fulfillment for a number of months. With the fulfillment function running so smoothly, kigo’s management is able to focus on external R&D – listening to their customers and designing products and brand presence efforts.

Ayal Latz, President of a2b Fulfillment commented, “kigo has confidence in a2b. We are proving that we can be flexible, consistently provide value and do so at low cost to kigo. And it’s exciting to be part of the dynamic growth that kigo is experiencing.”

For more information about kigo footwear, visit www.kigofootwear.com

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