a2b Fulfillment: The Extra Mile

a2b Art Studio

a2b Fulfillment was recently featured on “The Extra Mile,” a one-minute segment within the Atlanta Business Chronicle BIZ show on WXIA (11 Alive Atlanta) which highlights the first 500 founding members of Georgia’s goBeyondProfit community. Launched by Georgia business leaders, goBeyondProfit is a first of its kind initiative of civic-minded business leaders that shines a light on corporate generosity of all kinds and invites every business leader across Georgia to join.

In the segment, a2b President, Ayal Latz, talks about the Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club of Greene County, GA and the ways in which a2b works to support the after school program.

“In our community, there seemed to be a great need for support programs for kids. The Boys and Girls Club in our community is doing a fantastic job and it’s providing a safe and constructive place for kids to go after school. They needed a revamp of their Art Studio. We wanted to do something that really benefited kids because we see a lot of kids graduating from High School coming and applying to work with us and many of them don’t have the skill set that is necessary. Providing them with a support system after school is literally changing lives. We all feel it and see it. Everybody knows somebody who is a club member. It really feels like you’re helping out your extended family.”