a2b Committed to Make Time to Vote This Election Day

As Election Day quickly approaches, a2b Fulfillment is making a solid commitment to encourage its employees, fellow community members and citizens to make their voices heard and encourage others to do the same this November.

a2b has pledged its commitment to the Time to Vote movement and ElectionDay.org and will be making strides to allow employees every opportunity to exercise their civic duty this election.

Employees have been provided with both flexibility in schedule as well as paid time off to ensure that they are able to cast their vote, without loss of income. Early voting is available and has been encouraged whenever possible. The goal is to ensure that everyone has time to vote and does not have to choose between earning a living and voting.

In 2016, over 100 million voting-eligible Americans did NOT vote. a2b is asking other businesses and community members to join them and the list of others in making sure that all of our voices are heard by voting in what is one of the most important elections in our lifetimes.

“a2b Fulfillment understands the importance of our electoral process and strives to ensure that all of our valued team members’ voices are heard through exercising their right to vote,” explains Ayal Latz, President of a2b Fulfillment. “By creating an atmosphere of support for this process, including providing our employees with information for voter registration, the locations of voting polls, and by removing barriers that challenge the ability to vote, such as inflexible work schedules and unpaid time off to vote, we believe that we are doing our civic duty and that voter participation of our staff will increase.”

Information on where and how to vote, as well as registering to vote can be found at www.vote.org