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Major E-Retailers Opening Fulfillment Centers in Canada

Canada is our friendly, like-minded neighbor to the north with a considerable collective buying power that seems to be getting more and more attention from big business. Major U.S. retailers, both storefront and online, have recently begun to acknowledge and respond to Canadian consumers by opening fulfillment centers in the country. With a population of … Continue reading Major E-Retailers Opening Fulfillment Centers in Canada

Reverse Logistics 101

“Reverse logistics” – what exactly is that?   Many readers don’t understand what it means or its implications for businesses. And you’re not alone – many attempts have been made  to define reverse logistics, but the explanation often makes the concept even harder to understand. Logistics is defined by The Council of Logistics Management as: The … Continue reading Reverse Logistics 101

USPS Adds Hefty Returns Pricing

It’s the inevitable – a data entry error, a customer gives the incorrect address, or the receiver refuses the shipment, thus sending your perfectly packed order right back to your door. However, if you’re using the United States Postal Service, you’re not only getting the package back but a hefty bill to go with it. … Continue reading USPS Adds Hefty Returns Pricing

Order Management System Solutions

  Managing the order cycle from capture to post-sale customer service without the right tools is a juggling act.   Afraid of dropping the ball?  Allow a2b Fulfillment to act as your safety net with our innovative Order Management System solutions that tie the front and back ends together and put you in control of your campaign. … Continue reading Order Management System Solutions