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7 Ways to Prepare for Shopping Days

Christmas in July? Seriously? Yes, we are only halfway through the year. But like it or not, the savvy retailers are already preparing for those crucial holiday shipping days that will be kicking off come Black Friday. In fact, a recent survey from Campaigner suggests that 62% of retailers identify early preparation as their most helpful … Continue reading 7 Ways to Prepare for Shopping Days

The Evolution of Retail Distribution

  Retail Online Solutions January issue includes an article highlightig the role that a2b Fulfillment plays in supporting our client, Neogenis Labs.  a2b Fulfillment assisted in a seamless transition for this fast-growing e-commerce company’s needs. Click on the link  to read more…..

How to Fight Increasing Shipping Costs

In a few short weeks you will begin to receive higher freight bills from your carriers.  Most carrier increases will be effective January 6, 2014.  Very generally, you should see a 3.9% increase. When this realization sinks in, you have several options: Jump out your office window Yell and scream at anyone who cares to … Continue reading How to Fight Increasing Shipping Costs