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Ayal Latz featured in I Am the Chamber


March 1, 2014

As seen in the 2014 Special Section of “I Am The Chamber” by the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce:

Ayal Latz
a2b Fulfillment, Inc.

Moving Products and Ideas from A to B

a2b Fulfillment is a support services and fulfillment company, just over one hundred strong, which opened in 2001 with headquarters in Greensboro and a second facility in Putnam County. a2b Fulfillment provides warehousing, receivables and returns, fulfilling, shipping and handling, assembly, kitting, reworking, and labeling for their clients and their companies.

Weeding Out Opportunities

Ayal’s ingenuity for starting up successful companies began when he was in high school. To make money, he started up his own lawn and garden business in the suburbs of Atlanta. A company he later sold upon admittance into college.

Survivor Man

Ayal parlayed his knack for spotting successful opportunities into transforming a family run venture into a2b Fulfillment. It all started in 1995, when his family invented a board game called The Dinosaur Game, Survival or Extinction. The difficulty, pre-internet was in marketing and sales for one product. To be competitive, they partnered with several other small independent dinosaur-based toy companies to maximize product variety. Ayal and his family handled all sales, distribution, warehousing and fulfillment for those companies, a move that led Ayal to decide “that the real business opportunity was in logistics…and fulfillment.”

Location, Location, Location

According to Ayal, “when first looking at property for expansion, everyone in the city (of Eatonton) and (Putnam) County were extremely helpful.” Eatonton became the perfect location for a second facility, owing to its close proximity to Greensboro. He states “as we grow our business…we intend to use the two locations to maximize the efficiency of our overall operation.”

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