a2b Fulfillment – Ogden, UT Facility

Located 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, UT, our Ogden, UT facility is a prime location for order fulfillment to the western US. Inbound, containerized shipments arrive efficiently from the rail port in SLC just 40 minutes away. Outbound parcel volume routes to hubs in Salt Lake City.

Order Fulfillment (DTC, B2B/Retail, Amazon)
Kitting and Assembly
Returns Processing
Product Refurbishment

Product Categories:
Health & Beauty
Shelf-Stable Food
Electronics, Etc.

Clear Height: 30′ and 32′

Square Footage: 240,000 sf

Dock Doors: 26

Sprinkler: ESFR

Registrations: FDA Food Facility

Storage Media: Rack (Single Selective and Double Deep) and Floor.  15,000+ pallet positions.

Picking Media: 3-Story Pick Module, Carton Flow and Pallet Flow Speed Lines.  20,000+ bin and carton reserve locations.

Main Picking Methodology: Voice Pick, Pick-to-Carton, Conveyor.

Automation: Takeaway Conveyor, Weight Check, Automated Color Packslip Print and Insertion, Cubiscan Weight and Dimensioning, Parcel Label Print & Apply and Carrier Sortation.

Closest Container Port: LA/Long Beach to SLC Rail Port (40 miles).

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