Major E-Retailers Opening Fulfillment Centers in Canada

Canada is our friendly, like-minded neighbor to the north with a considerable collective buying power that seems to be getting more and more attention from big business. Major U.S. retailers, both storefront and online, have recently begun to acknowledge and respond to Canadian consumers by opening fulfillment centers in the country.

With a population of over 33 million, the Canadian market  can be a source of  significant volume for US marketers. However, there are several hurdles or dis-incentives for Canadian consumers including: prices for U.S. products, the hassle of paying  applicable duties at time of delivery, longer delivery times and poor or even non-existent tracking methods. Now, merchants have become more proactive about their Canadian customers by opening fulfillment centers within the country to reduce charges and shipping times, improving overall customer service to the country.

Although some online retailers are opening fulfillment centers in Canada , it is not essential for  an e-retailer  to have to open their own distribution facilities.     Another solution is to outsource fulfillment through a third-party vendor. A2b fulfillment has recently expanded its services to Canada and now is  helping merchants reach Canadian consumers with the same efficiency for which they are famous in the United States. By staging a portion of your inventory in  a2b’s Toronto-area facility, Canadian consumers receive your product faster, more economically and with duties prepaid. This streamlined methodology increases consumer satisfaction, which translates into decreased cancellations and customer service costs.

A2b’s Canadian Solution provides a single partner for both U.S. and Canadian orders (one file, one point-of-contact, one system), faster delivery (as quick as next-day), excellent tracking and duty-free delivery. For more information, call a2b today at 1.866.843.3827.