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<p>We have leveraged our 15 years of experience providing Order Fulfillment, Customer Care and Value-Adding SOlutions to deliver this 20-page, informative e-Book that will help you better understand the Fulfillment Process. Contact us if we can be of help with the order fulfillment on your next campaign!</p>

Reverse Logistics

At a2b, we take a holistic approach to returns management. Our reverse logistics program is mindful of not only how product is returned, but also how to maximize the value of the return product.

Returns Management

The Exceptional Customer Experience does not stop when the order is fulfilled, but rather must continue through the return. Keep your customers coming back by leveraging a well thought-out returns process.

Let our Returns Management experts customize a returns program that will protect lifetime value. This can include a Save-the-Sale strategy facilitated by our Customer Care team, prepaid return labels sent via email (provided to the customer for a fee or free of charge), a comprehensive inspection and disposition process, including reason code reporting, and finally, fast and efficient refund or exchange facilitation to ensure customer satisfaction remains high.

We process tens of thousands of returns each week and know how to turn what is generally thought of as a negative into a positive.

Product Refurbishment

What you do with a returned product determines how it will affect the bottom line. Our specialized team of Product Refurbishment professionals can renew and repackage returned product to maximize value. From apparel to electronics to appliances, we have the tools and experience to professionally revitalize goods and can even show you how to effectively incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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