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How Intelligent is Your Shipping?

  Sophisticated Fulfillment Providers have logic-based technology that lowers shipping costs by determining the optimal shipping carrier and method in order to accomplish the client’s goal, on a package-by-package level. For example, these systems can be programmed to simply choose the lowest cost service to a customer address. Or, complex logic can be employed to … Continue reading How Intelligent is Your Shipping?

How Can I Improve Carrier Rates?

At a2b Fulfillment, we constantly study carrier rates and programs. Earlier this year, we discussed the changes that affected 2017 with regards to major carriers. Specific rate changes by service, zone and weight and package size vary due to carriers’ response to market demand, target market share goals and an attempt to neutralize the very … Continue reading How Can I Improve Carrier Rates?

5 Goals for a Solid Returns Program

Should your Fulfillment Center also manage your returns process? How a company handles returns directly affects the bottom line. Be sure you choose a partner with experience in that area. A great Returns to Profit program can accomplish 5 goals: Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by making the returns process customer-friendly. Allow the customer … Continue reading 5 Goals for a Solid Returns Program

Carrier Rates on the Rise, Plan Accordingly

The following article appears in the December issue of Response Magazine. Some things are just unavoidable this time of year: holiday shopping lists, contemplating New Year Resolutions and Carrier Rate Increases. Like clockwork, major carriers are unveiling charts highlighting the rate increases for shipping packages and this year’s list is a lot to absorb. What’s … Continue reading Carrier Rates on the Rise, Plan Accordingly

The New Panama Canal

by Ayal Latz A version of the below article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of Response Magazine It has been almost a decade of planning and construction, but the Panama Canal expansion is nearly complete.   Originally scheduled to open in 2014 during the famous waterway’s 100th anniversary celebration, the Canal is set to … Continue reading The New Panama Canal

a2b Fulfillment Introduces Returns to Profit

Returning items are an inevitable part of doing business.  For Marketers returns have been viewed only as a negative.  Today a2b Fulfillment has a seamless returns process that can actually help you lower costs, establish greater customer loyalty and create a revenue stream.  a2b Fulfillment introduces “Returns to Profit”  an innovative concept to make logistics … Continue reading a2b Fulfillment Introduces Returns to Profit