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How Intelligent is Your Shipping?

  Sophisticated Fulfillment Providers have logic-based technology that lowers shipping costs by determining the optimal shipping carrier and method in order to accomplish the client’s goal, on a package-by-package level. For example, these systems can be programmed to simply choose the lowest cost service to a customer address. Or, complex logic can be employed to … Continue reading How Intelligent is Your Shipping?

The Fulfillment Partner Checklist

The choice of fulfillment partner is critical. How your fulfillment services are performed can be a direct reflection of your brand. It’s important to take the time to do your homework and select a fulfillment partner that best represents you and your product.

Fulfillment Services – Which do I Choose?

Several providers offer a suite of e-commerce fulfillment services, including fulfillment, order management, customer care, value-adding services (kitting and assembly), shopping cart (or integration with a third-party cart) and reverse logistics (returns and refurbishment). You might have a need for several of these functions and can create a custom package with one supplier, simplifying your … Continue reading Fulfillment Services – Which do I Choose?

Carrier Rates on the Rise, Plan Accordingly

The following article appears in the December issue of Response Magazine. Some things are just unavoidable this time of year: holiday shopping lists, contemplating New Year Resolutions and Carrier Rate Increases. Like clockwork, major carriers are unveiling charts highlighting the rate increases for shipping packages and this year’s list is a lot to absorb. What’s … Continue reading Carrier Rates on the Rise, Plan Accordingly

The Need for Speed (Infographic)

by Bryce McCuin Customer expectations continue to change the way that delivery is structured. With carriers testing Saturday deliveries in select markets and same-day delivery gaining momentum even within the small-to-medium sized merchant realm, it is evident that consumers (particularly those pesky Millennials like myself) are raising the bar on delivery times. Someday, we may … Continue reading The Need for Speed (Infographic)

3 (of 9) Proven Shipping Tips

a2b President, Ayal Latz was featured in a recent article by UPS Compass covering the “9 proven shipping tips from successful businesses.” Within the article, business owners share invaluable tips for saving time and cementing customer relationships. Below is an excerpt from the article highlighting Latz: Founder and President Ayal Latz couldn’t get the kind of … Continue reading 3 (of 9) Proven Shipping Tips

How to Save Money Drop Shipping

Direct Response marketers can save money on shipping costs by learning lessons developed by package consolidators.  Consolidators combine many packages into one larger unit.  This one heavier item ships at a lower cost per pound than the many lighter packages.  Upon arrival at a hub, the larger package is broken down into the components for … Continue reading How to Save Money Drop Shipping

Welcome to a2b Fulfillment’s Blog

Thanks for viewing a2b’s order fulfillment blog. We are very excited to kick off this blog with articles to keep you posted on our company, related industries, clients and affiliates as well as anything else that you may request. As a third party logistics provider, we offer a wide array of services from order fullfillment … Continue reading Welcome to a2b Fulfillment’s Blog