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The Dinosaur Game for Kids

The Dinosaur Game ? SURVIVAL OR EXTINCTION was created with kids in mind. The educational board game combines fun with learning and education. Throughout the game kids are learning to make decisions, comparing and contrasting and evaluating and understanding their changing situations. It?s learning wrapped up in fun!

Kids love learning about 16 different dinosaurs, their strengths and weaknesses, characteristics like herbivores and carnivores and time periods. It?s fun and exciting to face critical learning situations throughout the artful game board that re-creates different dinosaur habitats and natural disasters. Educational concepts are learned at every turn. And fun is had with every roll of the dinosaur dice.

The 16 different Dino Description Cards are educational without requiring rote memorization. Each game sets up different learning situations as new combinations of dinosaurs pair off in their struggle to survive. Challenge Cards are educational situations requiring the child to make decisions based on ever-changing situations. Natural Disaster Cards provide learning opportunities about natural forces that affected the dinosaurs, and that affect on all of us today. Attack Cards are just plain fun.

The Dinosaur Game has won 11 awards for fun, quality and education. In the past 65 million years no other dinosaur board game has been honored as much! And no other dinosaur board game has provided as much learning for children. Designed for children aged 5 and up, each game comes with two sets of playing rules: a regular version for children with reading skills and a non-reader version with simple instructions. All the game elements are cleverly designed to support the non-reader version. Pictures, drawings, icons marking habitats and food supply. Adults have fun playing the game, and they also enjoy the learning that comes with it.

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