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How can I improve carrier rates?

Tip: Be Partnership-Minded – Rates are all about partnerships, not individual transactions. Partnering with an experienced 3PL provider can be beneficial as it allows you to leverage their volume for discounted rates and programs not readily available to lower volume shippers. This, in turn, frees up more of your time to focus on things like marketing and sales or product research and development.

Where should I locate my shipping facility?

TipBe Close to Customers – The vast majority of the US population resides east of the Mississippi. In a national Direct-to-Consumer campaign you are closer to more customers if you’re on the east coast. Consider the alternative. If your fulfillment location falls in a western state, such as California, the vast majority of your packages (typically 70%-80%) will ship over the Rockies to eastern points. Longer distances, crossing more freight zones means higher costs and longer delivery times.

Am I using the right technology?

Tip: Transportation Management System – Sophisticated Fulfillment Providers have logic-based technology that lower shipping costs by determining the optimal shipping carrier and method in order to accomplish the client’s goal, on a package-by-package level. For example: Your goal is to get a package to a consumer in 2 days, a logic-based system can analyze the time in transit via Ground before automatically selecting a 2-Day Air service, yielding significant savings.  

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