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Supporting Your Amazon Business

This e-book explores working with Amazon via Vendor Central and Seller Central, including fulfillment options – Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM).

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About The e-Book

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Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central encompasses the more traditional retailer model whereby Amazon acts as the retailer, and purchases products directly from the Seller. This approach is by invitation only. Find out if this method is right for your business.

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Seller Central

In the Seller Central environment, Sellers list their products in the Amazon marketplace. Unlike Vendor Central, Seller Central is open to anyone. Get an overview of Seller Central and the fulfillment options available to sellers.

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Fulfillment by Amazon

With FBA, marketplace sellers pay Amazon to handle order fulfillment on their behalf. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this service.

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Fulfilled by Merchant

With FBM, sellers fulfill their own orders in-house, or through third party (3PL). Explore potential advantages of fulfilling direct.

About The Author

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Ayal Latz is a lifelong entrepreneur and is the Founder and President of a2b Fulfillment, a progressive 3PL specializing in Order Fulfillment, Customer Care and Value-Adding business solutions. He has contributed numerous articles to trade magazines regarding best practices in Order Fulfillment.

Supporting Your Amazon Business

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If you are seeking the best option for selling and fulfilling your product via Amazon, this e-book is the perfect tool for you! Download this FREE resource today!

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