Customer Care

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. That’s why we consider every customer call to be both a responsibility and an opportunity. Our recipe is simple: We employ mature, career-oriented customer service representatives and arm them with the latest technology. Coupled with continuous improvement training, we deliver customer satisfaction, which protects your brand and increases lifetime value.

We’re a 100% domestic solution. Our center is located in our corporate headquarters and overlooks a massive order fulfillment operation, which connects our agents with the entire process. With the contact center being co-located with fulfillment operations, our agents get the unique opportunity to touch and feel the product. And most importantly, feedback is quickly shared between the warehouse floor and customer care, and vice-versa, creating a unified approach to the entire back-end.

Live Agent, email and Webchat

Customer Care services are provided by Live Agent, email, and web chat and can be contracted in a highly flexible shared environment, with dedicated agents, or via a hybrid of both.


From Cost Center to Profit Center, our agents are trained to skillfully save sales in a respectful and non-threatening manner.

Social Media Management

Maintaining and responding to feedback on social channels can be critical to the success of a campaign. Our team monitors and responds to questions as well as negative feedback posts to ensure that your company is seen as an active and goodwill partner.

Chargeback Management

We take the headache out of chargeback management by working closely with your merchant processor. And due to our keen understanding and experience fighting chargebacks, we also help you employ best practices to prevent them.