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<p>We have leveraged our 15 years of experience providing Order Fulfillment, Customer Care and Value-Adding SOlutions to deliver this 20-page, informative e-Book that will help you better understand the Fulfillment Process. Contact us if we can be of help with the order fulfillment on your next campaign!</p>


Order Fulfillment

a2b’s customer base is as diverse as our skill sets. We leverage technology, experience, and infrastructure to excel on many business platforms, including eCommerce, Direct Response, B2B and Promotional / Specialized programs. Click below to learn more about the shipping fulfillment solution that suits you best.


DRTV Fulfillment HouseWe’ve been fulfilling online orders almost since the onset of ecommerce. Our sophisticated technology drops orders to floor as they come in, resulting in same-day fulfillment. The majority of US consumers can be reached within 2 days via Ground shipping. And integration with your cart is a snap, but if you don’t have one yet, we can provide one for you that is pre-integrated with our Order Management technology.

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Amazon Fulfillment Services

a2b supports dozens of companies working with Amazon via Vendor Central and Seller Central (FBM and Seller Fulfilled Prime) all with an excellent track record of compliance and program success.

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DRTV — Direct Response

Choose the Leader in Direct Responsea2b is a leader in the DRTV space. With over a decade of experience serving direct marketers, we understand the many intricacies and challenges of Direct Response and have methodically developed systems, programs and technology that help manage the entire campaign back-end.

We are pre-integrated with the leading inbound sales centers and payment processors, and are a favorite among third-party campaign managers, media providers, and production houses.

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Retail and EDI

DRTV Fulfillment House

a2b has a long history of shipping to retail DC’s and store-direct. Our specialized retail division manages the entire process, including edi integration, routing guide compliance, labeling, and transportation management. We also provide Retail Preparation and POS Build and Load services.

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Drop Shipping

DRTV Fulfillment House

Shipping fulfillment on behalf of retailers requires sophisticated technology and strict compliance with guidelines. a2b supports drop-shipping programs with most major retailers, online marketplaces, and tv shopping networks.

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The Ultimate Checklist

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Learn the essentials for both selling and fulfilling your products via Amazon!