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a2b has options for west coast or east coast warehousing and fulfillment. Our western warehouse facility is located in Ogden, Utah and provides 120,000 square feet of potential storage space. We also have three facilities in the southeastern United States (Georgia and South Carolina) that equal a total of 560,000 square feet.

a2b offers our warehousing and logistics services under two business models, Public Warehousing (shared space) and Contract Warehousing.

Public Warehousing

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), a2b owns multiple warehouse facilities that are used to store products for multiple clients. a2b controls and operates these facilities and provides distribution services, such as order fulfillment, for all of the products and clients housed within the space.

The Public Warehousing model converts costs from fixed to variable as clients pay for space and services primarily based on utilization. Programs exist for both short and long term storage needs.

a2b currently offers both ambient and climate controlled space. Configurations include pallet racking, bulk/high cube, and shelf / bin location, allowing us to accommodate virtually every product type.

We employ our enterprise-class Warehouse Management System (WMS) in each facility to track inventory and direct all distribution activities. Access and transparency is provided to clients securely online in real-time.

All of our facilities are safe and secure and employ the following measures: Fenced and Gated, Burglar Alarmed, Fire Alarmed, Fire Suppression Systems, Access Controlled (Exterior and Interior), Surveillance Camera Systems, and Temperature/Humidity Sensors (climate controlled space).

Contract Warehousing

Already own or lease your own space and need an experienced partner to operate it for you? a2b’s Contract Warehousing division offers the solution. Let us put our systems, our people, and our experience into your space and provide you with the benefits of outsourcing without the need to move your goods.